hide's Voice

Translations of hide's blog posts on his now defunct website, dated January-April 1998.
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Assorted translations

in compliance with the original translators' repost policies, constantly updating, i will likely add some stuff of my own in future depending on interest

RANDOM 4/1987

Rockin'f 11/1988

B.PASS 5/1990

On Stage 5/1990

Rockin'on Japan 8/1990

On Stage 8/1990

Unknown magazine 1990

Arena 37c 8/1991: Q&A

Shoxx 12/1991 / second part (which is a compilation of excerpts from 2 different translators)

Shoxx 2/1992

Making commentary of Mugongeki

Poetry in Mugongeki

A to Z interview

Ongaku to Hito 12/1993

Seth et Holth

Letter to past self (1994) - in progress

Rockin'f 2/1994: Hide Your Face song commentary

Rock It! 2/1994

Short story on Hide Your Face pamphlet

Arena 37c 8/1994

Aoi Yoru/Shiroi Yoru pamphlet: Phone calls with Heath and Pata

Rock'n'Roll 1/1995

Vicious 1/1995

GiGS 10/1996: Psyence song commentary

Misery booklet

Ongaku to Hito 10/1996

Arena 37c 2/1997

Ongaku to Hito 3/1997

All Night Nippon R all intros

All Night Nippon R excerpt 4/17/1998

All Night Nippon R excerpt 2 4/17/1998