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1998/02/01 00:00

Today I arrived at LA. The weather is well, pretty good. I'll quickly make an album then come back. At any rate, the tour schedule is drawing near... I recorded a lot of things like radio, TV shows, magazine interviews and all throughout the last month. I'd be happy if you could please take a look when they're out. I got here just now, and I'm still not used to the time zone yet.


Marriage? Can't hear you, la la la...

1998/02/03/ 21:55

...Come on, I already talked about this before. When that time comes, should I release the wedding video~? Like how Manson did. Umm, from now onwards, I won't be addressing rumors like this, so... LOL

Because of El Nino (What a weird name) right now in LA (His name is sooo weird but anyways, how's the weather now?) it's raiiining, raining... What will be left of this place if you take the blue sky away?

I’ll admit, I did once cry out to everyone, “I haaate the blue sky!” n top of that, it was caught on video too… So I can’t just come and whine loudly about wanting good weather now... The atmosphere of evenings after the rain reminds me of Japan. Reminds me of when I went to that horrible cram school after class. Not completely though; you can’t find the smell of families grilling fish by the riverbank or anything like that here in LA - it’s rare like a needle in a haystack.

Even then, all considered, I still think rain makes it feel like Japan… or rather, makes me feel like I’m home.

It doesn’t rain often here so there’s very few people who carry umbrellas with them, I expected no one would sell them either, but in this season I guess it’d be profitable to sell them? Still, it doesn’t rain anywhere as much as it does in Japan.

It kind of creates a depressing atmosphere, huh, the rain...

Perhaps, it’s not even particularly about Japan itself… at that time, when I went to that cram school, walking along on the pavement by the school in dark, I’d think to myself “I’m the only person in the universe”… the scent of the rain and asphalt back then, that’s what it reminds me of… For 2 days, maybe 3, I’ll forgive the rain… (Now Playing) Clockwork Orange - Side B



1998/02/05/ 14:25

On 2/24, in CLUB Q Shimokitazawa, a tremendous event called “DIE vs Chirolyn leading DEBONAIR” will be happening. It’s a live by those guys we nicknamed “Ginkaku and Kinkaku” and “Sanda and Gaira” in SPREAD BEAVER... No no, rather than a live... it’s an ULTRA FIGHT!!!! Shimokita is in DANGER!!!

DIE’s major debut album will be released on 4/1. I played guitar on one of the songs in it. It’s a super cool album. On 4/1, because, of course, since it’s Nozawa Daijiro…

(TL NOTE: Ginkaku and Kinkaku refer to two famous temples in Kyoto that are near identical to each other. Quick info about them

Sanda and Gaira refer to the main monsters in the 1966 kaiju film War of the Gargantuas.)



1998/02/06/ 00:05

Super Special Live Album /Jon Specer Blues Explosion

I wrote a review for this album in What's in ES too, but, right now, it’s the best album of the year. I liked the studio version too, but the live one is just soooo great! Afterall, when talking about Rock n Roll, isn’t it the best thing when you can scream and shout “YEEEEEAH!”? Yep. This was a wicked cool live album that taught me this simple thing again. Ladies &Gentle; fucxin' men! You should listen to this album super loudly!



1998/02/06/ 21:10

In Universal’s website, there’s new information about Pata-shan Ishizuka.

(TL NOTE: no typos, he’s using baby talk.)



1998/02/11/ 03:20

So, this time of the year has come again. I did release a compilation album for Valentine’s before…

Boys who are depressed because of this season! Don’t fall for this trap set by the candy companies….! That’s just how it is sometimes! I don’t remember ever receiving anything for Valentine’s until around high school...! And now I’m living splendidly (wait.. am I really?). I’m living on… I guess! ……. I mean… um….. no…. uh, some sorts of things happen sometimes, indeed…. to….. to me too.

Still, someone that understands me, at a place I don’t know, waiting to be noticed by me… Is it okay if I admit that I wanted something like that? It’s a day that makes you wish you could find happiness in someone else, or something like that…

But, doing nothing but waiting for something like that… C’mon boys, it’s just not worth it…. Have some dignity: when you receive pity chocolates, give them a special treat for White Day - let it mold and give it back like that!

Someone who’s waiting for you, someone who cares about you and looks forward to what you’re doing —there’s lots of time to have a fateful encounter with that special someone in the future.

So… let’s drink to that.

For now, what’s better than candy is… alcohol… right?… riiight, young men?



1998/02/19/ 17:45

Here in Los Angeles, California, smoking is considered something only bad people do, and you’ll be judged for it. Recently, they also passed a new law that bans you from smoking in the studio, bars, and any building that’s not for private use no matter what. So, for people like me, a chain smoker, this is an absolute nightmare. The tiny production room we rented recently isn’t an exception to this rule, so every single time me and INA had to take a smoking break, we have to line up outside the studio like a bunch of yankees gathering at a corner store and smoke away.

In the dead of the night, the streets of Los Angeles feel really dangerous, quite cold too, so I had to cut back on smoking and it’s making me feel horribly out of it…

A few days ago, INA, who feels the way I do about smoking, was alone in the middle of the night, taking a smoke break. A huge limousine came up to him, headlights right in his face, engine growling as it stood still by his side. INA’s skin started crawling with this ominous feeling that “something bad will happen.”So he tried to sneak away to the studio entrance from the limo’s blind spot, but the limo followed him there… The limo quickly left after that, and INA, dumbfounded by this situation, made an escape into the studio. I wonder if he got mistaken for a gangster or a drug dealer when that happened… Or something like that…

Today, in early evening, I was alone outside smoking, crouched down with my pink head in display, and a quite normal car suddenly pulled up to me... an old man at the prime of his life was inside… “HOW MUCH?” … “Aah, so he wants that kind of thing,” I thought, and I told him, “I don’t have any”… and shook my head… but he just stood there and pointed at me…

Old man, I understand there’s probably all sorts of things happening at your workplace, and I can imagine it’s incredibly hard on you too, isn’t it? You must’ve mistook me for some crazy boy toy because of my pink hair huh…? Or I guess you just have a thing for pink, old man? Is it really okay for you to spend your hard earned money on frivolous things like that...? Of course, I couldn’t voice those complicated feelings to his face, and the old man just disappeared from the scene…

Maybe, right now since all of us are recording the 3rd ALBUM in this dignified studio.. I wonder if people think of it as something like, “Discover the mysteries of the orient! Alluring rock’n’pretty boys brothel!”....? Is that what we look like? Am I just so charming that I took that old man’s breath away....?

Currently I’m working on a new single.

Today, again, is rainy.



1998/02/25/ 04:13

As introduced on this site’s 1997 PSYENCE A GO GO BUZZ FILE, 1997 MIX LEMONED JELLY live events will be also held in CLUB MO.

COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS’ new album『SUBMERGE/COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS(ZKrecords)』will be out on 3/25. As always, they have an explosive sound and an earnest melody.It’s the kind of strong ROCK that will sweep you off your feet!



1998/02/24/ 01:39

The other day, Ginkaku, also known as Gaira, also also known as DIE-chan, said that the battle of life and death he had in the Grand Battle of the Southern Sea went very well and ended with a sold out venue, with Chirolyn doing his acoustic live on 4/8 at Fuchuu Flight.  

Even if it’s an acoustic live, the sweet talk by Kinkaku where his occasional cold front shows itself is also a must listen. That day, he said he carried the guitars by himself, even though he's been talking about his back giving out recently, but despite that, the old man became an assistant too! (im p sure hes referring to the joint live he said theyd do n the monsters entry)

Maybe, expectations are now rising for a 'devil talk' between the two..?