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Fuckin' New Year!!

1998/01/01 00:00



1998/01/03 16:07

This year, a lot of different things are happening—like various releases and a tour as hide with Spread Beaver; new releases and lives with zilch, the band I’ve been working with for the last 3 years in LA; a LEMONedJELLY event in the summer, and more.

I think many of you have already seen it, but for those who haven’t, zilch’s music video started airing on on MTV on the first. It was actually recorded in 1996, but I had encountered various problems and I can finally release now.* The commercial for ROCKET DIVE from SPREAD BEAVER has started airing, too.

I’m considering making the music videos available for viewing on this website starting the latter half of this month.

With all this being said, let’s have another good year together.

*He doesn't mention it in the entry itself but if I remember correctly the said problem was the video being too explicit for Japanese tv.


1998/01/06 21:07

Ongaku to Hito went on sale, huh…

Last November I fractured my heel (right in the same place as Nozawa Daijiro...). Nevertheless, up until the Dome, I forced myself to heal in a good fight and managed to perform on the stage with no problems…

When I did the interview with Ongaku to Hito, I was still healing. I ate nothing but fish everyday...

Sorry for making you guys worried…

Mezamashi TV


Tomorrow morning… Early morning… if you’re awake, come join me…. Ugh, WAY TOO EARLY...!

(Mezamashi TV is a morning news show that airs between 4:30 am - 8 am.)



Oh, yeah, our favourite granpa Pata has finally decided to get up and release something (congrats!!).

Everyone, make some fucking noise for him!!!

When he decides on a release date, I’ll inform you on here.



On 10th and 11th, we shot ROCKET DIVE’s music video.

I also appeared on Mezamashi TV recently. For the first time in ages, I saw the morning world through sober eyes… I found myself thinking, “Ah, so that’s what it’s like to be a human…”

It’s been awhile since the last time I met with the monsters*. As always, we messed around backstage like school kids. It was super comfortable.... Our newcomer, KAZ from Oblivion Dust, is a quiet guy that likes to do things on his own pace, so I wonder how touring with us will change him...? Fuck knows, I guess...?

This time we were trying to give off the feeling of something recorded on film, so it took us a long time to set up everything, like the lighting. With this goal in mind, we created a huge set that resembles the inside of a rocket in space. The shooting continued until 5 A.M both days.

This video will be available for your viewing pleasure on 20th of this month.

I keep wondering, just what the hell am I even going for with my work? For now, it’s a mystery to me, but with this new band of mine I feel obliged to create something that has a really different feeling compared to the rest of my work.

Look forward to it…. I’d be happy if you requested it on every music show you can.

* = Referring to Spread Beaver. He's used monsters to refer to them in a future blog post too.



The new commercial for ROCKET DIVE is complete, so soon it’ll be replacing the one that’s airing right now.

But since the old one didn’t get to air for long, there might be a lot of people who haven’t seen it yet. I uploaded it on here.

Starting today at Club251 and tomorrow, the 18th, at Shibuya Yaneura, SPREAD BEAVER will start playing throughout the year. KAZ's band, Oblivion Dust, will also be performing live.

Special thanks to Pinni and Mak for helping me where I got stuck and Ami for proofreading my English from here onwards.


Tomorrow…. wait, today… In Spain Street, Shibuya… there will be an obey to… uhh, I mean, open to public radio recording.(1) If you have free time, I’m looking forward to meeting with you….

I did see what tabloids have been saying about X recently… nothing to do but just laugh it off, huh… Going this far… You want to talk about a fight, I’ll show you what’s a fight… just how stupid are you…?

There’s no fight or anything like that. X might be aggressive to others, but we don't fight each other. What I'm saying is, don’t believe rumors like that.
Even if it was true... it's none of your concern. We're all adults here. Things happen.

Anyways, I couldn’t care less, so stop posting about stupid tabloids and rumors and whatnot on my page and giving them free advertisement… though I’m also doing the same by commenting on it, aren’t I?
How ridiculous, did April Fools come early or what?…(2)

Whoever's writing these as the truth like as if anyone would believe... they have nothing to do other than eating and drinking their ass off with the money they got for their bullshit... isn’t it pathetic, my friends?

(1) - Here, hide made a pun using the kanji 後悔 (regret) and 公開 (open to public) here, which are read the same way (koukai). I'm inexperienced with translating wordplay, so if you have any suggestions for a better alternative please let me know.
(2) - A word to word translation would be "This (situation) is more of a gag comic than SHOXX's 8 Beat Gag". 8 Beat Gag was a publication featuring gag comics of various rockstars at the time.
He's basically trying to say the entire thing is like a ridiculous joke, so I thought April Fools would be a good analogy to translate it into.



R...reunion? Thailand...? So you're telling me, the newspapers wrote that I'll get a call from the King of Thailand soon? Aaah, what a surprise...
Sorry to anyone that was excited, but there's no call from the King of Thailand, and no reunion either.



Last night I went to Heath's birthday party. He got new colleagues, and has already started working hard on his future endeavors..

He got a new haircut, and lately, for once in the 8 years we've known each other he seems to be confident with himself, it shows from the smile that never leaves his face.

Regarding his next project, I didn't get to hear it yet, but I'm sure it'll be something that’s worth the wait.



Today, the meeting with the winners of the raffle from the photobook "1128", was conducted. It's been about a year since the raffle was pulled, but it took a long time to realise the event.

I thought a lot of people wouldn't care anymore, but many people came. Some even traveled from far away places like Hokkaido to make it...

The event coverage is now on UV Magazine.


NINE INCH NAILS' video album (which isn't available in Japan) "closure part 1, part 2" is amazing.
Part 1 has super rare concert and backstage footage, with appearances by Manson, Lou Reed, Bowie etc...
Part 2 is a non stop montage of all music videos they released up until now, including those that are banned in Japan...

The video content for NIN is very scarce except of bootlegs, so this is a rare item that I'm extremely happy to own...
Though, as I said, this won't be getting a Japanese release, and won't be imported either because of the 'extreme content'. (I didn't find it extreme at all...)

The NIN enthusiasts crying out "Come on Universal! I want to watch it no matter what, damnit!"; it seems that right now it's possible to get it by online shopping, so you can look into that.

(By the way, even NIN's head director in Japan had to buy it online because of this situation.)



Recently I've heard that there's been many demands to know my schedule for radio recordings and such, which I sadly can't inform you about.
Making of footage of the PVs are available in record stores though, so if you'd like, check Universal's homepage to find the record shop nearest to you.



I'll confess... In last night's Music Station, as everyone pointed out, I forgot the lyrics in the last hook of the song….
But! I wrote the song..! I suppose that makes it alright...?

Talking about lyrics, many of you requested the lyrics to the intro and outro that weren't on the card bundled with the single. So I added them to the ROCKET DIVE page.