Shoxx 2/1992: Yoshiki A to Z interview

Excerpt taken from xjapantranslations


Hide-chan? Our food fights are temporarily settled now. But I don’t understand hide-chan’s taste(laughs).
Ah, see, I’m starting the debate again(laughs). If someone tells hide-chan something tastes good, he’ll think it does.
You can say, “See that restaurant, it’s a good place.” and before he eats there he’ll keep in mind that it’s a good place. That’s convenient(laughs).
Because of the atmosphere and appearance, he’ll be like “Is this good?”, and when you answer, “it may be good.”, he’ll say, “It’s good then!”(laughs). He’s such a child(laughs).

I respect him very much. When it comes to food he’s childish but that’s another side(laughs).
Of course he always has so many ideas. He thinks too much about things like strategies for the band. He’s very serious about it.
Artistically, musically, he has idea after idea, so many of them.
Well, he’s a reptile-like person. Our reptile. Toshi is our ‘normal person’, Pata is the damn old man(laughs). Taiji, I wonder what he could be.
In the past he was our ‘wild kid’, but now that doesn’t fit him.
Toshi says he’s our ‘Tattoo guy’ but I wouldn’t really say this. Well, about me? Eventually the others will say.

Hide-chan is an amazingly kind person who supports the band a lot.
I admire it all, but then there are the love life theories(laughs)… There’s rumors for me, Toshi, Hide and Taiji… Ah, speaking of it, Pata seems to be the only one who hasn’t(laughs). With the exception of Pata, there’s love life theories for everyone(laughs)… I wonder if there weren’t any until now. But, as for me, I’m on the ‘I don’t care’ side, and our friendship isn’t about silly things like that, you know.
But I think hide-chan is surely a wonderful person.
Except for his sense of taste… Yeah(laughs).