On Stage 5/1990

Excerpt taken from xjapantranslations

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During HIDE’s solo I lost my voice and stood paralyzed. Don’t tell me it was a spell? I also wanted to be the mannequin. (17 yrs/♀)
HIDE: If there are people whose body is “eight heads tall”, I want to ask your assistance. Actually I want to use real humans.

I think that leaving the bra unhooked was really popular [I guess the mannequin?] (just jostled around is kind of lame). Is it true that HIDE-chan’s head is “huge”? (18 yrs/♀)
HIDE: It really is……, isn’t it okay for a human’s head to be like that. Leave me alone! (laugh)

How are you feeling about the upcoming Budokan concert?

Oh my god, it was so good! HIDE-chan, your voice reminds me of Akira Fuse. HIDE-chan’s rock world feels like Jun Togawa. (16 yrs/♀)
HIDE: If it’s the Jun-chan from the past then I’m happy.