On Stage 5/1990

Excerpt taken from xjapantranslations

10 years ago at 13, 14, 15 years old, what were you doing?
My third year in middle school? That was my most heavy period huh, my weight. ……you guys force me to say it so many times. Anyway, I was a big fat ass! (laugh). I joined tennis club at that time. “In middle school if you don’t join any club activities, you’ll be lonely” is what was said, so I said “If that’s the case, there are a lot of girls in the tennis club, so I’ll join”. After joining for a month, all of a sudden my senpai became so difficult. Games? I never played. But basically, I didn’t know the rules. And whenever someone was like “Juice!”, I would say “Ah, buy me one too!” (laugh).

Did you have a rebellious age?
I used to fight with my parent’s with all my might. I would put up all these posters of Japan[7] and during the day they would be torn off (by his parents). But I never ran away from home. I was that kind of kid. When I entered high school, the people I hung out with changed too, but I wasn’t super bad. I never really made trouble for anyone and I thought that things like “gangs” were ridiculous so, everyone you can understand my thinking right.

What was the first record you bought?
‘Beautiful Sunday’ by Ohayou720 (a TV show). Not the Tanaka Seiji version, but the Daniel Boone version. It was about my 5th year in elementary school I think, they were overwhelmingly popular through the nation. That TV show, my school banned it so that we couldn’t watch it, so every day I watched it, but now that I think about it, I wonder “why couldn’t an elementary school student watch that program?” And then I properly bought rock albums like ‘Alive’ from KISS. That was when I was a 2nd year middle school student.

What was the first instrument you played?
I think it was my 2nd or 3rd year of middle school but in any case if I think about the first bought instrument I immediately think of my bought Gibson. It was bought for a cheap price in the American armed force base. So then at school people murmured to each other “that guy has a Gibson” and for a while they called me ‘Gibson’ (laugh). But, I couldn’t play it at all you know. It was sooo heavy. My grandma bought that guitar for me. I’m such a grandma’s boy. She’s a super super fashionable and very flashy person. Generally, most of the blouses that I wear are mostly my grandma’s. When I started wearing those Indian sari’s too. Those were all worn first by that person. The back is long, so I just pinned it. She’s about 70 or 80 years old, but she’s still so intensely lively, wearing lamé, and really flattering clothing that looks like Chinese or just in your face style clothing, it’s so cool. She also wears fishnet. So then, when I go somewhere with my grandma right, she can see inside my head and even without me saying anything she will say “try it out, steadily”, and then she’ll even give me the money for it.

And then, what was the first concert you went to?
BOW WOW. When I was a middle school student, there was a culture assembly hall on the hill in the back of my house. I wanted to go to see KISS but my Mom read about some scandal of Gene Simmons at the beauty salon in some magazine so she said “there’s no way you’re going to a concert about such people!”. I just said “fine” and didn’t go, but I cried. “Someday they’ll come to Tokyo again” I said. I knew the existence of Bow Wow and KISS. I did minor performances so I was moved by their performance. At that time they did and amazing show and had great stage performance. It was the first time to see such a day! (laugh). From that time, the impact of that performance inspires me even now.

At that time, who was the artist that you liked?
For music it was KISS, for looks it was Japan. I was such a huge fan of KISS. When KISS had come out with “Music Life” I bought all the back numbers and even now I have them in a file at my house. I was also in the fan club and when they disbanded I really cried (laugh). That’s why I really understand the feelings of those who call the post office when their fan club newsletters are late. Because I used to call. My mother also used to call for me too. “My child has been waiting in front of our mailbox for about one or two hours everyday..” Things like that, after sending something, you think that it will come soon, because you’re a kid. Send out something and then you’re already waiting for it then next day in front of the mailbox (laugh). But at first, I didn’t know about KISS’ looks. That’s because I hated things that were weird. “Long hair is warped”, I obediently believed that old style thinking, and it’ not really related but I also didn’t like cheap sweets. When I first listened to KISS I thought “What amazing music!” And then when I saw the record jacket, I said “How the hell did I end up liking something that looks like this?!” (laugh). I also liked punk, at first it was The Clash. They had simplicity and when it was said that “they aren’t a band with a laughable frivolous style”, I said “That’s right!” Because they were a band that stirred up a young boy’s heart.

How did you study for your exams?
I abandoned that. I strangely had more fun while everyone else was studying.

Did you have any other interests besides music?
I don’t think there was anything else probably.

When was your first love? What kind of girl was she?
It’s not first love but it was a proper straight “emotional love” and “physical love” in my 3rd year of middle school. She was four years older than me, and after I entered high school I went out with her for 7 years. That person’s existence for me was rather huge. We had showed each other many things, we were with each other through many things. She was a person who taught me what feelings and sense were really like. She taught a stubborn country boy the beauty of things. I saw many things, I was completely taken in, for myself out of them all, choosing her, it can be said that I had found a true beautiful thing……

At the time what were the social customs or any incidents that left an impression on you?
What, you mean like kombucha? (laugh).

Do you think you’ll still be doing music 10 years later?
I want to keep playing music.

Will you be doing X?
We’re a band that pushes our strength to the limits so with this tendency it’s possible that it could change.

Where do you think you’ll perform?
Like in a nursing home for the elderly? (laugh). Or like in space would be good too. But if you had like a 12 handed alien writing fan letters, you’d need to put it in like a decoding machine and then all that comes out says ‘Yappi♡’, it’s terrible right (laugh).

If you aren’t doing music, what do you think you’ll be doing?
If I could do something that is similar to my sense then I think it’s okay though…… If I’m making something like a sculpture, I think it’s good huh. It would be great if I could sculpt something with Yoshiki as a model with a rose while saying something like “Orya!”

Will you be married?
I won’t. Because I don’t want to. Always having someone around is no good. Being alone is good. AH! I won’t get married! Recently, that’s the only kind of letters I get.

If you were to get married what kind is your ideal woman?
A girl who even if I’m not with her all day and night, it’s okay and give me motivation would be good. By motivation I mean like with a piercing, “how about here?”, not actually piercing though with a needle or anything (laugh).

What do you think society will be like?
The world will as always revolve around me right (laugh).

Do you think we will have solved the Ozone problem?
On this point X has earnestly thought about it. This time around from Daiei, there is a non CFC hair spray that came out so I use that one.

What kind of person do you want to be at 33, 34, 35?
I like the way I am now.