Arena 37c 2/1997: hide's biyaku file

(I might try and finish this or at least add more to it if I find the scans depending on the lenght)

FILE 003
We were originally introduced by a common female friend of ours. And later too, we used to go out drinking a lot. He was a good kid in the beginning and he’s a good kid still. Plus he’s pretty tidy. From what I know, he hates having clutter on his desk, or when the corners of his magazines and CDs aren’t all lined up. He needs to have all of those corners lined up just so. So I think his room must be tidy as well.

Please eat more. You’re too thin.
And don’t overdo it with the strip clubs.


FILE 004
I wouldn’t be in this business if he hadn’t been there. It was back around the time of my previous band, I was just about to potentially become a shop manager, the band had split up, and I was thinking of becoming a beautician at the shop I worked at. It was then that I joined X on Yoshiki’s request. So if that hadn’t happened, today I’d be a beautician.
So anyway, there always were a lot of rumours about him and while I had listened to this X band and seen them live, I hadn’t actually met them. And since in every live house people would tell me I’d be better off not getting involved with them, in my mind I pictured them as this group of extremely wild assholes *laughs*.
So then once it became just Toshi and Yoshiki in the band they set out to recruit new members. By some stroke of luck I went to one of their lives just around that time and sure enough, they were wild assholes. However when I went to see Yoshiki, this grinning, kind of foreign-looking *laughs* kid came toward me. Yup, that was him alright. He seemed very charming in that moment when he greeted me, “Oh, you must be hide-kun?” I’d been told so many different things about him but once I met him I really thought that he’s just a regular guy, a really good guy, you know? I felt strangely anxious because of the huge gap between what people said of him, but we started going out a lot together and I was increasingly charmed. Not just because he was the kind of person I had been looking for. A lot of people say he’s charismatic but it was only once we were around each other on a routine basis that I really understood it was just the way he was. There are many anecdotes around and while 90% of those are true, in reality there are many, many more. His charisma alone wouldn’t be enough for it to work between us, but I’m drawn in even by his cute side. To the point where I’ve sometimes written that my specialty is having fun with Yoshiki. For my part I’m having fun but it seems that even among the staff most people don’t know his charming side very well.

I’d advise extreme caution on countless occasions, too many for me to say here *laughs*.
Yoshiki and me have always shared a room when we go on tour. That’s why it generally falls to me to wake him up in the morning, and it’s so easy for me to wake him that I used to think he’s a morning person. However, it seems that it’s a great challenge for anyone else to wake him up without losing a limb in the process.


FILE 017
Right now it’s Mild Seven Super Lights. But when I have shows I smoke Neo Cedar, a kind of cigarette that’s not really a cigarette. Did you know? They look like cigarettes and you can smoke them just the same, but inside it’s throat medicine. However on the box it’s written not to smoke them more than 4, 5 times a day, no more than two at a time, and if I smoke more than that I feel sick, just in a different way than with cigarettes. Except I’m pretty much a chain smoker, especially when I’m at the studio I smoke up to 4 packs a day. It’s like, I can’t stand not having one lit at all times. I have tried quitting, but I just abhor not having my cigarettes at hand. I guess that’s why I always have them with me. So as a result, even as I’m making my resolve to quit I already have the next cigarette lit *laughs*.

I’ve never managed to not smoke. I’d love to quit one day, if at all possible.