About me

Hello and thanks for visiting! My name is bebe and I'm a 20 year old girl from USA.

As it'd be obvious I really like visual kei and especially hide. I made this website because 1) i was bored, 2) while he is considered iconic I came to realize people don't really know about hide himself, and he doesn't get discussed much unless it's to talk about his death, which upsets me because i think he is a very interesting and fun person.

this site is a constant work in progress and i will be updating it and adding more content i can dig out along with my own content whenever i have free time. please be patient with me. i also will be writing blog entries, though they will not really be related to him but rather my personal ramblings because i feel like it.

if youd like to address anything one on one with me, you can find me on twitter at hideyourface, and on tumblr as doubt97. id also be happy if you left a message in my guestbook, short or not, i'd just be happy to know someone has benefited from this in some way.

thanks a lot and have a nice day!